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Launch Yourself Into Success

Mind-Body-Business 5 Day Challenge

The Next Mind-Body-Business Challenge Starts December 13th


Who is This For?

Business Owner

Desire to Create a Business

Big dreams for life

High performers that are tired of doing it by themselve.

Team mentality

Wants change in their life

Stressed out, Exhausted, Overwhelmed


Finish line- You have the power 6 plan in place to achieve your goals

Prize-You have a clear vision of who you are what you do and how you interact in the world


Finish line- You put your plan marketing and sells system in action and have a framework in place for your success

Prize- You're certain the structure of your business is being built correctly


Finish line- You have started filling your pipeline and listings are coming in

Prize- There is less chaos. There is an increase in productivity, innovation, and commission checks


Finish line- You have mastered a new craft with the leadership skills to teach others

Prize- A built in business with focused Content/Marketing/Sales to train other agents for duplication. Allowing you the freedom to take breaks on your business


Digital Vision Board

Get Clear with Your Goals and with Accountable Anything is Possible!

Secret 1

Secret 2

Secret 3


Clifford Starks

Clifford Starks is a Mindbody Coach from Phoenix, AZ who graduated from ASU with a Bachelors in Kinesiology in 2005. He finished 3rd in the PAC-10 as a collegiate wrestler in 2004, and he's the fastest amateur fighter to ever make it to the UFC (10 months) where he had a successful career as an MMA fighter before deciding to pursue his passion of helping entrepreneurs be better leaders by following his 6 step program he developed over years of competing at the highest level.


Our Team

We have an awesome team that is going to help you keep accountable through your process to success


Word On The Street Is... Results.

Aleksandra Teofilovic

"He allows me to get over the hump and run to the next goal...that kind of support is priceless."

Dawn Corbin Rensch

"His coaching is unique and will definitely help you change your beliefs."

Andrew Laczynski

"He uses your experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and goals to create a PERSONAL blueprint."

Susan Quihuis-Bell

"Cliff has a natural talent... with his guidance I became a more energetic, confident me."

Tate Lang

"Few coaches I've worked with have shown that level of dedication and care... I feel like I could say anything to him."

Mike Wynn

"He's so committed to my success as an entrepreneur...massive improvement for my relationships, spiritual, business, and physical."


Results "Speak" For Themselves

Felix Delgado

"He truly impacted these kids lives... I felt like anything is possible."

Mike Wynn

"Before Cliff I was having trouble scaling my business... Now I have clarity, execute more efficiently, and I'm not burning out anymore!"

Hellen Tribble

"This should be in schools... it's a course I think everyone should take!"

Don't miss this challenge so it can change your life for the better

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